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Market research for the project may be required by the investors (banks, owners, public authorities or others) or by the managers to determine the prospects of sales in the planning of the company or of individual projects, as well as the development of the company's strategy.
For industrial markets our specialists perform market research on their own, using the methods of the desk research and interviews with experts. If necessary, we work with subcontracts to carry out field research to conduct B2C market research.
Our main partner in market research and strategy development is ALT Research & Consulting Firm, which is a member of an international network of marketing consultants - Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA).
As a rule in market research we cover the following topics:
General description of the industry and development forecast,
Project’s product features and the consumers,
Description of the market capacity and structure, expected share,
The main consumers,
Distribution policy characteristic (sales system, methods of promotion, assortment policy, pricing),
Sales forecast.
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