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Business plan is a document, required by investors (banks, owners, government authorities and others) or managers to make a decision about investments in the project and its implementation. Thus, business plan should disclose all aspects, relevant to concerned parties.
Developing a business plan can be time consuming and involve different specialists (consultants, financiers, technical experts, lawyers and others). The joint working group should be aimed at prompt and quality solution of the tasks assigned by a client.
Usually, within the framework of these projects we do the following:
Collecting and presenting information about a company initiating the project. Financial analysis, current situation examination.
Analysis and forecast of the market.
Development of the project’s organizational plan.
Collecting and analyzing information on the structure and amount of investment costs, material and personnel expenses, and other costs of the project.
Development and optimization of the project’s financial plan.
Preparing text for a business plan, its supplements.
Preparing a presentation and other supporting materials for investors.
The concrete scope of work is usually determined during the first negotiations on the project. Some things may not be required or will be accomplished by the customer himself. On the other hand, for complex projects here are often specific requirements and obligations not included in the standard list.
As a result of our work we always present to a client a complete set of all electronic materials, including detailed financial model of the project.
Business plans development is our key specialization. We have performed dozens of projects in each sector, worked a lot with unique and unconventional projects, accumulated vast experience.
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