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Update and Customers Support

Consulting support for the users is available in two formats:
Basic support
Full support
Update of the products within the currеnt version is free of charge. It is included in both: basic and full consulting support. If a new version of the program released, the user can purchase it with a special discount. For updates information subscribe to our newsletter.
Basic consulting support is free of charge for three years after purchasing. Сheck additional consulting support and basic consulting support extension prices with our specialists.
Within basic support Alt-Invest experts provide the following services:
Explanation of technical issues associated with software installation and operation: features of the program, working in MS Excel, use of the activation service, interpretation of technical failures reports.
Explanation of the project description principles on the client’s example: formation of the correct financial model to describe project’s revenue, expenses and investments, as well as the tax environment.
Explanation of financial indexes and reporting forms value, derived from modelling.
Explanations on the operating principles of service functions implemented in the program and described in the User manual.
Consultations are performed after receiving situation description from the client and, if necessary - after receiving financial model, requested by a consultant, and a comment, explaining the matter of the client’s problem. The consultant is not involved in preparing or editing client’s financial models, but provides guidance on models proper construction and application
Withing full support additional services are prodived:
Consulting support not only for the program, but also for client's projects.
Recommendations on client's financial model construction: structure of the model, issues that need more attention, recommendations on revenues and costs description.
Auditing the model prepared by the client: checking the correctness of the approaches used in modeling.
In providing these services, the consultant, depending on the situation, either provides client with recommendations on filling in the model, or corrects the model himself and sends revised model with his comments to a client.
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