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Standard programs

Alt-Invest - computer model for the evaluation of independent investment projects.
Alt-Invest Summ - computer model for the evaluation of investment projects portfolio and financial modelling for the holding type companies.
Alt-Invest series software is fully integrated with MS Excel. All automation elements are located within the file and do not require any additional actions. Installation is simple and is achieved by following the installation interface directions recorded on the installation CD. Important auxiliary information including help files and calculation examples will also be installed on the computer as a part of the setup process.
Alt-Invest computer program is specifically meant for financial modeling and investment projects valuation. Its features can model an independent project all the way up to the capital budgeting of a whole company or group of companies. The calculations provide you with detailed financial report of the project as well as with a set of indicators to show:
capital investments efficiency
financial solvency
project implementation risks
In the extended version – Alt-Invest Summ you can analyze simultaneously multiple investments projects. And the user gets all reports and analytical data for each project separately as well as for the aggregated portfolio.
That’s for example how might a model for a holding look like, which implements a number of investment projects, and which includes the company with its own projects.
In the drafting process you can take into account a lot of different details and features of the project implementation. The program doesn’t limit the conventional Excel tools in any way in input data. Instead, it supplements them with important elements of automation. As a result of investment projects calculation, the user gets a number of standard reports and also a possibility to use special analytical modules of the program for risks assessment and scenario analysis.
The calculated model plays the central role in project analysis. Additionally for project valuation and the preparation of the final documentation, the model is supplemented by a series of auxiliary services:
Reports creation module. You can create any selection of data from financial model and format it in a suitable way. The created report will be renovated automatically along any alterations of the input.
Sensitivity analysis is implemented with one of the prescribed parameters or with any parameter specified by the user.
Automatic selection of the financing schedule. The program offers you a financing schedule complied according to the specified criteria.
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