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Customized versions

Working with financial computer models, specialists often face the need to consider specific features – industry, enterprise or project.
Distributive versions of programs, preserving the principle of reasonable sufficiency may not fully reflect the specifics of your task or information used. The accumulated experience of consulting work and Alt-Invest software users? support allows us to offer you services on programs customizing.
Actual problem may be different - qualified consultants identify ways and sequence of its solutions.
The most typical tasks for customized computer models are:
Description of the projects in a format adapted to the specific industry
Investment projects comparison (ranking)
Ability to set cross-financing for projects
Increased detailed description of the financial plan for the enterprise
Such developments we can combine with the creation of techniques and regulations complex for investment management.
Distinctive feature of our company is that we are not just experts in financial planning, but also perfectly know all the technical features of the product development in MS Excel environment. We provide the whole cycle of computer models development from the task assignment and the choice of techniques, up to the final product implementation and staff training.
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