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Moscow: B.Pochtovaya str. 36, 1
Phone: +7 (495) 580-9875
StP: Vosstaniya, 7, office 409
Phone: +7 (812) 44-88-389

Capital Budgeting & Investment Projects Valuation Software

We specialize in developing software solutions for the investment projects evaluation, business planning, capital budgeting, financial analysis of the enterprise, financial due dilligence and corporate financial forecasting

The base of our offer are standard software products for investment projects evaluation and financial planning. At the same time, we develop customized solutions tailored to particular industry and company.

In any case, we focus on flexible and open software solutions. We are far from the IT approach, when the solution is mainly just software, and the user has to adapt to it. Our motto is “Program is an application for an analyst,but an analyst is not an application for the program.”

All our developers are practicing economists with at least five-year experience of financial and economic analysis. Thus, Alt-Invest software is a convenient tool for professional economists or those who want to become a professional one.

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