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Electric Power Industry

Alt-Invest is working closely with electric power industry enterprises since the existence of RAO UES of Russia. Already then, Alt-Invest became "de facto" standard in the energy sector, both for projects in generating and for networking and heat generation projects.
Today, not only in Russia, but also abroad Alt-Invest products and services are widely used in this industry. Thus, we have developed specialized training course on evaluation of investment projects in energy sector.
Rosseti Power Machines OGK-2 DTEK IES Holding
Our basic offers for the electric power companies:
Financial modellings software
Alt-Invest Software has become "de facto" standard for financial planning. Our computer models combine detalization of the calculations with its openness and transparency; they are closely related to the procedures and regulations, and tested in thousands of projects of our users. This is an optimal balance between flexibility and unification!
If necessary, we can develop customized version of the program that takes into account specific company’s regulations. Such models we have developed for IDJS, Power Machines, and others. We can complete these developments with the creation of techniques and procedures complex for investments management.
Training of the company’s experts
We conduct seminars and trainings on investment projects evaluation about 50-60 times a year. A considerable part of Russian enterprises’ experts in financial planning went through corporate training or our regular training courses.
Our training programs can also be in a form of a distance course or certification exam, developed by Alt-Invest experts; it is a combination of theory and practice. The important feature of our training is that it is conducted only by practicing consultants and based on case studies from real business.
Our consultants are ready to develop business plan, to support the project in the bank. Our clients can be confident in the quality the most important projects, because we have vast experience in analyzing markets and financial modelling.
We are eager to assist our clients in any task where our developments and competence can be useful.
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